for as long as i can remember my dreams have been of travelling the world. i've always had a restless heart and feet itching to roam. a deep-rooted passion for adventure-making and moment-capturing.

i dream of capturing things that make me feel. chasing those moments of pure beauty that fill you with an indescribable tingle of magic. so far i’ve found that magic in indian sunsets and incense, strangers’ eyes and the tops of mountains, sunshine and rain on bare skin.

i’ve always wanted to be a storyteller. i think that's where my love for photography and writing stems from. a desire to share both the beauty and pain i find around corners. i believe in speaking your heart and sharing your wounds. that true connection is the medicine we’re all seeking.

i also believe in the power of presence and the practice of yoga. i could write a hundred things that yoga teaches me over and over again. how it inspires me to live a life of kindness, grace and humility. to find balance, strength and stillness. it’s the way i know to honour my body and spirit and unravel layers to keep coming back to myself.

i’m still learning to find my wings. to trust in the unfolding of my life when i follow my heart. to surrender to the journey of self.

thanks for being here x

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