Monday 22 April 2019

masala chai and prayer flags - nepal photo diary

six months ago i left for a trip that started as a whisper. “go to india”. what followed were two months of magic; a yoga teacher training and a journey through northern india and into nepal.

i don’t think i’ll ever be able to fully explain how special this trip was to me. india and nepal simultaneously broke my heart and filled it up. countries of such immense contrast. beauty and pain and chaos. raw and wild. a richness of spirit and faith. 

it took me a long time to process everything i experienced during that trip. i’ve tried so many times to find the words for the things i felt. the things i saw. the parts of myself i felt crack open. i always seem to fall short trying to explain how deeply this time affected me.

my time in india and nepal broke down walls in me and built me up in beautiful ways. i’d never felt so present. so at home but free at the same time. experienced so many days so sweet they felt dripped in honey. how completely satiated with joy i felt. all the learning and unlearning and expanding. finding peace with it all.

if there’s one thing i’ll forever remember most about those two months it’s the love i felt. i was shown the beauty of human connection over and over again. reminded of how many wonderful people there are to love and be loved by. i’m so deeply grateful for every person that let their hearts and hugs serve as a place for me to unfold. 

for a while being back home felt really heavy. i had to remind myself how lucky i am to have experienced all these things so special it makes it hard to move forward. 

the following photos are from my time in nepal. like india, nepal brought both really confronting moments as well as the friendliest faces and beautiful scenes. i barely scratched the surface of this incredible country, and as i stared at the himalayan mountain ranges on my plane ride home, i vowed to return and dive deeper.

keep scrolling for the next two posts of my indian journey.

A xx


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