Sunday 21 April 2019

a place i found home - rishikesh photo diary

there’s a place nestled between mountains where i found home. rishikesh, india. guarded by the himalayas and the holy ganges river, lies a circus of yogis, cows and monkeys.

i’ll never forget my first moments here and walking across the bridge that first night. it was pouring raining and there was a full moon above me and the swirling mother ganges below. i couldn’t help but break into the most soul-felt smile, tears and raindrops welling in my eyes. i remember just instantly feeling this electric buzzing energy. my heart quietly whispering a thank you for listening to the callings that led me here. immediately swept up in the chaotic magic of this little town and the rest of india to follow.

it was here i did my yoga teacher training course. a month of discovering a passion for yoga even deeper than i had felt before. by the end of the month my heart was overflowing with love and gratitude. grateful for a million lessons and a million laughs. for tears and smiles and endless hugs. for every night spent up on the roof and every day filling ourselves with knowledge and chapattis. for finding a little family of the kindest, magic souls and watching each other grow and blossom. i wasn’t entirely sure what i came for, but that course brought me everything i could’ve hoped for and more.

every day i sat in this deep place of pure joy and bewilderment. being here felt so right in every way. i was in a really weird dark place before i left. tapped out, anxious, depressed and exhausted. from the moment i stepped into this city i felt this fog lift. i felt like a child experiencing things. eyes wide and eager, excited to learn, to see, to share, to connect. i felt lit up again. i laughed so freely here. 

there were so many moments where i felt my heart might burst because of the love and joy and beauty of the moment. i learnt to fall in love with life again. my time here also brought really hard and painful realisations about myself and my reality, for which i have the deepest gratitude. all the things that finally clicked in my head. i felt really connected, most importantly to myself, but i also started learning my definition and connection to the universe/source/universal consciousness/god/the divine. the realisation that we’re not here to be separate. that there’s this stream of universal truth and all-knowingness that runs through us all. we use different paths to tap us into this, but all these different schools of thought take us back to universal truths and lessons. i was reminded over and over again by indian teachers and strangers; everything is within you. sometimes you just need to travel across the world to unearth some of those answers.

A xx

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