Tuesday, 10 April 2018


still trying to process my trip last week. although i only spent a very short five days in bali, this time feels so profound. from the moment i stepped off the airplane into the humid air, i fell in love with the island of gods.

bali was everything all at once. immense beauty and eye opening chaos. my time passed in a blur of heat and colours, incense and flowers and a richness of spirit i’ve never felt before. long conversations in broken english about religion and the universe and human connection. lessons in duality, being present, surrendering, gratitude, community and balance. trips to waterfalls and temples and holy water bathing rituals. incredible yoga classes and cheap vegan food and riding on the back of motorbikes through tiny streets littered with flowers and stray dogs.

the biggest lesson i was gifted was learning to find peace in the midst of chaos. there is a natural flow to bali, in which all the chaos appears so normal. when we let go of control and surrender, we can tap into this flow state. i really felt as though i could just sink into my own internal peace and power, despite whatever external reality i was surrounded by. i think that's one of the most powerful skills we can learn to develop.

to quote a teacher from one of the amazing yoga classes i took - “we all came here to feel connected to something”. and boy did i feel that, whatever it was. i think no matter what you believe in, there is a special energy that permeates the island. whether that's 'god', 'the universe' or 'source', there's a sense of something bigger that you can't help but feel.

i was welcomed with the kindest hospitality everywhere i went. you could just see the humanity in the eyes of the local balinese people. on my last day i was invited to a traditional hindu ceremony at the local temple. the community shared their traditions, space, laughter and flowers with me. i was invited to participate in the offerings to the gods, holding my hands in prayer above my head, flowers and gifts between my fingers. although i wasn't praying to the same god as they were, or even entirely sure who i was praying to, this was such a special moment to have been able to be immersed in.

i can’t explain it but i felt as though i was brought back to my core and essence a little more with each day spent in this foreign country. travelling solo really does put me in my element. it's when i feel most in tune with myself, and connected to others and the universe. travelling has made me fall in love with the feeling of uncertainty, of diving into the unknown without any clear direction or set-in-stone plans. giving up control to the universe and putting my trust in its hands.

so grateful and happy to be on this journey. india next, fingers crossed.


  1. I love your writing and photography so much wow! What camera or editing do you use to get that look in your photos? Like the almost grainy vintage look you achieved in these ones? :-)

    1. thank you so much! i shoot on a nikon d7100. to achieve the grainy look of these photos i added grain in photoshop :) xx

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