Sunday, 17 December 2017


i felt like i couldn't breathe the other day so i jumped in my car and drove until i got to the ocean. being at the ocean on windy moody days is my favourite, especially when my mind feels just as stormy.

it feels surreal to say this, but i booked flights to hawaii yesterday. i can't explain it but my entire being has been called to hawaii for the longest time. i've been feeling pretty down about everything in my life for a while, i think mainly because this year has been such a damn rollercoaster. all the endless heartbreak back and forth for months and months, doing a course i've hated, friendship dramas, etc etc, has left me feeling super drained and lost. honestly i've just really wanted to be anywhere but here for a long time. after i booked the flights i also realised that it'd been a while since i'd really done anything that challenged or scared me in a good way. i'd become bored and uninspired. stagnant. a guest lecturer at uni the other day said that "if you're just at home watching netflix, you're going to be a boring person". while that may sound simple and maybe a little silly, it really struck a cord in me. as cliche as it is, i honestly do feel as though solo travel is the one thing i need to do to gain back a sense of myself. i really did lose myself this year. i'm so proud of myself for surrendering and listening to my heart and soul, even though i'm slightly terrified. t minus 38 days til hawaii baby!


  1. Aw dear, that's great! Enjoy Hawaii!
    I'm sorry you've been going through rough time, but I'm extremely proud of you. This might sound silly, bu it has truly been a pleasure to watch you grow up, find yourself and become this wonderful, brave and strong person. :)
    Love you xx

    1. all your comments are always so wonderful, thank you angel girl! hope you're doing well. lots of love xxx


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