Sunday, 17 December 2017

warm winds

i felt like i couldn't breathe the other day so i jumped in my car and drove until i got to the ocean. being at the ocean on windy moody days is my favourite, especially when my mind feels just as stormy.

i booked flights to hawaii yesterday. i can't explain it but my entire being has felt called to hawaii for the longest time. after i booked the flights i realised that it's been a long time since i've really done anything that has challenged or scared me in a good way. i've become stagnant. a guest lecturer at uni the other day said that "if you're just at home watching netflix, you're going to be a boring person". while that may sound simple and maybe a little silly, it really struck a cord in me. as cliche as it is, i do feel that solo travel will bring me back a sense of myself. i really did lose myself this year. 

A xx


  1. Aw dear, that's great! Enjoy Hawaii!
    I'm sorry you've been going through rough time, but I'm extremely proud of you. This might sound silly, bu it has truly been a pleasure to watch you grow up, find yourself and become this wonderful, brave and strong person. :)
    Love you xx

    1. all your comments are always so wonderful, thank you angel girl! hope you're doing well. lots of love xxx

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