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i've talked a bit about social media on here and my relationship with it. i recieved a lot of positive feedback after this post in which i spoke about taking a break/changing my habits, so i wanted to do another post on a similar topic. there is so much rubbish out there on social media and i think it can be hard to find accounts to follow that are inspiring, honest and worthwhile, especially for young girls. every post and image we scroll past enters our subconscious and affects us on some level, which is why its so important to be mindful of those we follow. below are a few of the accounts that inspire me in some way. this list is always changing but these are my favourite kick-ass gals at the moment.

i'm just gonna be straight up with this, i'm kinda completely obsessed with claire. i found her through youtube months and months ago and something about her just drew me in. in some strange way, for some reason, i've continued to feel really connected to her ever since. i'm continuously so inspired by her journey and resonate deeply with so much of what she says. she has such a beautiful way with both spoken and written words, as well as photography and video. i've felt super drawn to hawaii the last couple weeks, so who knows, maybe one day soon i'll meet her in a treehouse or vegan cafe on a little island over there.

claire's instagram & youtube

i adore ella for her honesty and rawness, which is something i really admire on social media. she speaks openly about her mental health struggles, as well as her spiritual and food-based healing journey. she also runs an ethical vintage clothing company and has the sweetest singing voice too.

ella's instagram

holy crap i'm in love with the art of this account. all of her work is so beautiful and a lot of the time she pairs it with lovely writing too. i just really love the combination of femininity, spirituality, naturistic and cosmic elements within her work.

merakilabbe instagram

allie posts beautiful yoga and hawaiian nature photos, as well as including a lot of spiritual guidance and wisdom in her posts and instagram stories.

allie's instagram

mystic mamma posts insights into every full and new moon, as well as any retrogrades, etc. if you're into astrology and spirituality, this page is a must-follow.

mystic mamma's instagram

i stumbled across hitomi's youtube channel a while ago and fell in love with her vibes. she has such a beautiful energy and i love just watching her talk about everything, especially spirituality. she's very open and i find myself learning about myself through her sharing of her thoughts, feelings and journey.

hitomi's instagram & youtube

honestly, pam is a mega babe and i just really like her photos. unlike most of the other accounts on this list, i don't necessarily really learn or gain anything from her posts, but i appreciate her aesthetic and self love (and killer booty).

pam's instagram

like pam, freya is another vegan babe that gains empowerment and self love from their naked female form. she's such a sweet soul and makes really talented and visually beautiful youtube videos, as well as giving really great advice and wisdom.

freya's instagram & youtube

gaby posts the most stunning yoga photos. i mean come on, yoga shots in velvet bodysuits + flowers + crystals are pretty much my dream. she has the most beautiful strong figure - oh and did i mention she's also a freaking mother of five? 

gaby's instagram

aminah has my other favourite yoga account. aside from doing incredible poses and having an amazing strong body, her photos have such nice lighting and colours in them. i'm really trying to get back into a regular yoga practice and having beautiful yoga photos on my feed daily really inspires me.

aminah's instagram

the messy heads is the most kick-ass blog, instagram and magazine. their content explores real, important issues in an aesthetically appealing way. their magazine is the kind that should be the societal norm, rather than the rubbish most magazines feed young girls and women.

the messy heads instagram & website & podcasts

emma is the creator and editor behind the messy heads blog and magazine, and similarly, her content is both educational and pretty to look at.

emma's instagram

as well as being such a honey and having groovy photos, i'm very inspired by isabella's bubbly attitude and her driven nature. a few months ago she self published her own poetry book, which is super cool. 

isabella's instagram

if you haven't heard of rupi kaur or her book 'milk and honey' i'm seriously shocked. it seems like every girl on social media has read and loves her poetry. obviously i too am one of them.

rupi's instagram

i found reyna biddy through her intro track on kehlani's album and fell in love with the way she writes and speaks. her spoken word poetry is so beautiful and i literally cried from start to finish during her poetry album 'i love my love'.

reyna's instagram & soundcloud

i would love to hear what your favourite accounts are, so please comment them below.

A xx

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  1. love this, thanks dude

  2. just found your blog love it!! thanks for the inspo !! I also follow Claire, Allie and Pam !! i love them !! i think you will also like 'amelietahiti' she has similar interest, different vibes & very genuine xoxo

    1. yay i'm glad you like it! thank you for that suggestion too lovely :) xxx