Thursday, 25 May 2017


wearing: dress c/o clover & alice / sportsgirl jacket / ecco boots 

its been a minute, i know. i've got valid excuses though i promise - my laptop temporarily died a while back which put me out of action, and i've just been pretty busy since with uni, work, life, feelings, ya know the usual. as very evident in these photos, we got a cat as well - his name is romeo and i'm obsessed. i've always been such a dog person but man i'm in love.

this dress/outfit isn't something i'd usually wear, but, like the rest of the female population i'm into off-the-shoulder stuff, plus its suuper warm and comfy! i'm also completely obsessed with this jacket, to the point where there's rarely a day i don't wear it. embarrasing. 

my best friend grace got back from japan and we started drinking at 4pm, had a wild (happiest i've been in a long time) tuesday night and i slept for 45 minutes tops, so i'm kinda still recovering from that today. its also a new moon in gemini tonight, so get your journals out and manifest good things.

all my lovin,

A xx

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