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we live in a very masculine dominated world. over the past few decades, women have learned to cultivate more masculine qualities in order to succeed in this modern society. while to a degree, and in some aspects, this can be seen as a positive development, for many women this has also resulted in a loss of softer, feminine qualities. within this masculine, 'yang' energy society, women can often become largely disconnected from our inner feminine, 'yin' energy. as women, connecting with our feminine energy on a regular basis is vital to our sense of self and connectivity, hormonal health and overall happiness. 

feminine traits can often be seen as 'weak' and those that both men and women should conceal. i've only recently realised that i have personally had a history of largely neglecting my feminine side during phases of my life. a funny example of this is hating the colour pink throughout a huge portion of my teenage years. before i entered adolescence, pink was my favourite colour from the moment i could have a favourite colour. then one day i decided i hated the colour, which lasted for years, due to the fact it was "too girly" or feminine. i've used this "too girly" remark in numerous other areas, like not wanting to wear dresses or hang out with girls, etc., all with the connotation and belief that being "girly" was a negative thing. this is a really toxic mindset that girls can often grow up in. probably largely due to the media, i think we can be shamed into not wanting to admit we like these "girly" things, because our society repeatedly portrays males as the superior gender, and thus, male activities and qualities as more valid. 

despite these societal beliefs that feminine qualities are 'weak', 'soft' and 'powerless', femininity is a gift - it makes us gentler, kinder, empathetic, nurturing, more compassionate and loving. connecting with your inner goddess/feminine energy is particularly essential in creativity and love, which are two of the most beautiful things humans have to offer. i think reclaiming our feminine nature is essential for women individually, and to raise feminine energy as an overall collective. becoming more in touch with this side of ourselves can help us live in a more authentic, peaceful and balanced way.

with all that being said, below are some ways to become more in touch with your inner goddess or divine feminine energy.

something i've only somehow recently been made aware of is how incredibly connected to the moon us women are. i had a giddy little "ahhhh" moment when i found out that the average menstrual cycle is the same number of days as the moon's cycle. and that's no coincidence. by nature, women's cycles are designed to sync up with the moon's cycle, menstruating around the new moon and ovulating at the full moon. am i the only one that thinks that's so freaking cool? 

in most cultures the moon is considered to be a feminine entity, with the full moon believed to contain all the attributes of feminine power. to connect with your own inner feminine energy, being aware of the moon's cycle can be a powerful thing to do. create your own rituals surrounding moon phases. the new moon is a great time for women to look inwards and set intentions for the following cycle. its also a great time to cleanse the body and mind of negative, stale or stagnant energy. the full moon represents an opportunity to let go of things standing in your way, so is a great time to release things on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. to tap into the energy of the moon, many cultures also advise taking a "moon bath", which includes going outside and soaking in the full moon for at least fifteen minutes.

connecting with your inner feminine energy goes hand in hand with connecting to your inner self in general. i think you can only find that inner goddess if you create the space to listen to and honour her. take time to cultivate that space to connect and tend to your inner being by carving out 'me time' in your daily life. i wrote this post about the importance of this and some suggestions of daily rituals.

receptivity is one of the core qualities of feminine energy, so open yourself up to receiving. i and many others believe in the universe existing as a feminine entity, so connect with your feminine energy by placing trust in the universe. many situations as of recently have led me to the belief that surrendering and letting yourself fall will always result in the universe catching you. things usually occur much more smoothly when we give up control and allow things to happen naturally. control is rooted in fear and is also a result of being attached to a specific outcome that we believe is best for us. however, in most situations i think the universe has a greater plan for us that we often don't see because we've been blinded by what we think we need. when we stop trying to control everything and let go, we open ourselves up to a multitude of possibilities. stop trying to fight the universe and instead trust her plan and the natural flow of things.

an easy way to connect with your feminine energy is to surround yourself with beauty. turn your personal space into a goddess sanctuary. clear out clutter and add beautiful things - plants, flowers, crystals, art, etc. creating a beautiful, sacred space is about devoting a place for you to breathe, create and grow in. on the metaphysical level, our world is just one big field of energy and energetically speaking, clutter creates blockages in energy. our physical environments affect our inner world and how we think, feel and operate. i know if i can muster up the motivation, something as simple as cleaning my room when i'm feeling crappy can usually help at least a bit. i moved from my previous small, dark, pink room into a new room filled with natural light a few months ago and proceeded to make it a space i really wanted to be in. its the nicest feeling coming home to a place that inspires you. i think surrounding yourself with crystals, plants and flowers in particular is a super sweet way of adding beauty to your daily life and connecting with your own feminine energy, as well as that of mother nature.

straight up, the female body is one of the most beautiful forms of art. i know learning to love your body is one of the most difficult personal challenges a lot of women face, but trying to view yourself as art is one way to challenge societal norms of beauty. there is no ideal body for a woman, all bodies are beautiful, divine feminine creations. don't apologise for your shape. your body is a beautiful and sacred vessel from which life is created. different societies around the world have different beliefs of what a "feminine body" looks like, so rejecting these stereotypes is crucial in realising the inherent feminine beauty of your own form. big boobs and curves? feminine and beautiful. small boobs and no curves? still feminine and beautiful as heck.

living from your heart is one of the most powerful ways to honour and connect with your feminine energy. as well as being an intrinsically feminine act, it is my belief that this choice, rather than living "from your head", is the way to the most genuine and personally fulfilling life. anyone who knows me knows that i love love, and maybe its just because of that trait, but i believe that at the end of the day its one of the only things that truly matters. so love bravely, honestly, fully and wholeheartedly, yourself and others.

mother nature is the ultimate, most powerful, ever-present, divine goddess. parallels between women and nature are everywhere. as mentioned previously, a female's cycle can be linked directly to the lunar cycle, and both nature and women have the ability and power to create life. i think the busier our lives become, the more prevalent the need to connect with mother nature becomes. we weren't 
designed to live in concrete jungles. connect with your own feminine energy through the abundant feminine energy of mother nature. step outside and put your hands or feet in the grass or dirt, swim in the ocean, really watch the sunset.

hands down one of the times i feel the most "goddess-like" is after a self-love pampering session. its cliche as heck, but light some candles, put on a facemask, have a lavender oil & epsom salt bath, moisturise yourself from head to toe, put on some cute underwear, and *bam*, instant goddess vibes.

while i think women should feel, and are, beautiful no matter what they're wearing, i 
don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to put in some effort and look extra nice sometimes (or always, if that's your thing). i think wearing clothing that makes you feel beautiful is a surface way of honouring your inner goddess. that will look different for everyone. for me, wearing long, flowy, floral dresses completely makes me feel like a freaking goddess, however i know for other women a completely different outfit would have that same liberating effect. it may seem silly, but i have a go-to dress that i rarely wear, but when i do i feel utterly unstoppable and radiating feminine energy. 

i've spoken a couple of times on here about quitting wearing makeup, lasting a very long time, but in the last week i've been exploring playing around with makeup and honestly i feel really good about it. similarly as with the clothing situation, makeup can have different effects on different people. i know the months or years i didn't wear makeup were personally very liberating for me and taught me to feel feminine and beautiful in my natural state. but now that i've gone through that phase, i can now experiment with makeup in a really healthy and enjoyable way. i haven't started wearing it to cover or change myself or as a way to better my view of myself. right now wearing some eye makeup and highlighter, a pretty dress and gold hoops is making me feel beautiful and feminine as heck. if wearing black jeans and a hoodie makes you feel bomb then that's just as cool .

i've gone through phases, especially when i've been dating a guy, where i completely neglect hanging out with female friends. i convince myself that i don't desire it, but then when i do hang out with them again i realise how much i'd been missing it. spend time with the goddess in your life. honestly one of my favourite feelings is when my car is packed with my girl friends and we're all singing to kehlani, lana del rey, rihanna or beyonce at the top of our lungs. 

on an even more powerful level than that, i went to my first women's circle the night of the full moon last week. it was the most beautiful and powerful night i've experienced. it was such a wonderful thing to have a space to be open and vulnerable in, surrounded by incredible women. i don't think i'm the only one who really neglects female friends and energy at times. in many cultures women used to (and still do) gather together, to connect, inspire and nurture one another. that tradition is largely non-existent in modern western society at least. to raise the feminine power within us individually and collectively, we need to honour and make spaces to come together and raise each other up.

vulnerability, openness and honesty are stereotypical feminine traits. in the same way as living from our hearts, living vulnerably, openly and honestly is the way to honour our feminine energy and in my opinion, is also the most fulfilling way to live. the last couple of weeks in particular have really highlighted the deep importance of honesty to me. to have meaningful, satisfying relationships with others and ourselves, honesty has to constantly be at the very core of our words and actions. similarly, i've also come to value and appreciate the trait of vulnerability as of late. i've always been super sensitive and hated that, but there is beauty and strength in rawness and vulnerability. i've been learning to try to appreciate feeling everything so deeply, because i think in our harsh world that's a beautiful thing. good things and connections happen when we let down our guards and are honest and real.

females can be known to be catty and bitchy to each other and look down on other women, which is a toxic and damaging thing for all those involved. i think we've been raised to see other women as competition, which probably primarily explains the desire to tear each other down. a completely freeing act is to release competition with other women. stop comparing yourself - another woman's beauty is not the absence of your own. build other women up instead of tearing each other down. us girls need to look out for each other.

i feel like this post has gone in a million different directions. what can i say, i got carried away. i hope i didn't miss the point entirely and that in some way this post maybe inspires you to get in touch with your feminine energy. that's where your true power lies. release that beautiful, strong goddess within you!

all my love,


  1. this is really really cisnormative!

    1. i would love for you to explain how you think i could've made it less so in your opinion.
      my blog is not a specifically lgbtqi blog... that isn't my target audience, nor do i know enough about it to make posts on related topics..

  2. wow i completely loved this post. it made me really want to embrace my feminine side. i always have struggled with that idea that male traits are so much more valid so i really liked this.

    1. i'm so glad you enjoyed this post and found some inspiration in it! xx


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