Friday, 24 February 2017


outfit one : tobi dress / ecco boots / sportsgirl choker /// outfit two : tobi dress / converse

hello, beautiful people. for this post i styled two dresses from the brand Tobi. while they're similar in style - both low-backed and pastel-coloured, i wanted to make one a more casual, laid-back look and the other slightly dressier. i'm really digging pastel colours right now, and did anyone notice that the blue dress has pockets? its love.

a lot has happened in the past week. the big old red van broke down, my boyfriend broke up with me, i started uni, i tried an acai bowl for the first time, i went to centrelink by myself, i started drinking coffee again, i bought three new bras, i gave money to two homeless people, i hung out with more friends than i usually do in a month, i drove here-there-and-everywhere, and i watched fifty shades darker, twice. just between nursing a broken heart and starting uni, its been a pretty crazy week, and i haven't really stopped to breathe until this morning. while keeping busy has been lifesaving, i could feel myself become increasingly overwhelmed and didn't want to burn out. today i decided to stay home for the first time in the week and just give myself some space. i slept in this morning, made myself a cup of tea, then went for a run and am about to make myself a super nourishing lunch. lesson learnt: despite what we may try to convince ourselves of, we aren't all capable of non-stop go, go, go.

all my love,
araina xx

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p.s. my lovely friend grace took the first set of photos and i'm on my way to convincing her to accept my job offer of full-time blog photographer. you can find her here and here.

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