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hi i'm araina and i'm obsessed with documentaries. 

documentaries have helped, and continue to help, shape some of my core beliefs and passions. i don't think there is anything more powerful than having the ability to constantly educate yourself. documentaries are such a simple and interesting way to learn about a huge multitude of issues and subjects.

below are just a few documentaries that i personally believe to be of utmost importance and/or interest.

i stumbled across this documentary on netflix the other day and knew i had to watch it. i had skimmed articles and watched a youtube video or two on the idea of minimalism, but nothing had really fully grabbed my attention or interest. this documentary however, had me sitting in my seat hugely questioning the part of my life and "identity" to do with material possessions. the documentary explores the "trend" of minimalism in a highly thought-provoking, captivating and powerful way.

while this documentary didn't cause me to instantly sign my life over to complete minimalism, and maybe i won't ever do that, it did motivate me to go through my wardrobe and remove 3 bags of unwanted clothing, as well as get rid of old skincare/beauty products, both of which i was meaninglessly holding onto and allowing to clutter my life.

here is the trailer for the documentary. you can find the full version on netflix. this is also a really good ted talk by the same guys who made and feature in the documentary.

if you haven't yet seen or heard of cowspiracy (do you exist??), this documentary explores the impact of animal agriculture on the environment. along with exploring these effects, the documentary also investigates how environmental organisations are responding to this issue.

cowspiracy is such an important and powerful look into how our food choices are affecting the planet, and for many it has acted as a necessary push towards a plant-based diet. we can't anymore keep making our daily decisions without considering the impact on the environment. there ain't no second planet once we destroy this one dudes.

here is the trailer for this documentary, watch the full version on netflix.

reason number one to watch before the flood: leonardo dicaprio. reason number two to watch before the flood: climate change is going to be the biggest issue our generation faces. (i may have potentially got the order of those reasons muddled up, but i'm not entirely convinced). seriously though, climate change is freakin' terrifying. it will impact so many aspects of the planet and our lives, and there is now no arguing against the science.

here is the trailer for this documentary, the full version is available to rent or buy online, or from potentially semi-dodgy websites.

the true cost is a documentary that explores the impact of fashion and our clothing choices on people and the planet, specifically focusing on 'fast fashion'. through the different aspects of the clothing industry explored, the documentary forces us to consider who pays the price for our fashion choices in reality.

i watched this documentary the other day and, god damn did it make me feel upset, overwhelmed and hopeless. while it definitely is a bleak issue, and will take a multifaceted approach to improving it, positive change can begin with the consumer, so education is of utmost importance. hopefully after watching this it will make you rethink the origin of your clothing and that $3 t-shirt.

here is the trailer for this documentary, the full version is available on netflix.

"the best speech you will ever hear" is certainly a heavy claim to make for an hour long youtube video, but somehow gary yourofsky's speech on veganism pretty much lives up to that title (well, it did for me at least when i watched it 3 years ago and instantly decided to convert to veganism). this speech is one of the most comprehensive and honest talks on veganism. i think what makes it so successful is that, while only being around an hour long, this video covers almost every element of adapting to a vegan lifestyle and the reasons behind that choice.

this may not necessarily be the best or most flashy vegan documentary now available, but it was singlehandedly the video that completely opened my eyes to this issue. some other documentaries on the topic of veganism include: food choices, 101 reasons to go vegan, forks over knives, earthlings (very graphic, i only lasted a few minutes), vegucated and food inc.

here is the link to the full youtube version of gary yourofsky's "best speech you will ever hear".

honestly i put off watching blackfish for a long, long time. i have a deep connection with and love for the ocean and whales in particular. they're one of the most mesmerising and incredible species and just the thought of humans' actions towards them makes me feel utterly sick and devastated.

especially with the recent update of this story, this documentary is pretty darn upsetting. i urge you to watch it anyway and don't freaking support seaworld and other sea parks.

here is the trailer for blackfish - the full version is available on netflix.

i strongly encourage you to watch all of these documentaries. expand your mind, educate yourself on the issues of the planet, find what you can do to help.

A xx

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what are your must-watch documentaries or videos that have changed your life? please leave them in the comments below!

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