Sunday, 15 January 2017


{ sportsgirl skirt, top & choker, dr martens boots, meteorite necklace from my boy }

you haven't seen a post of this style from me in quite a while hey! what can i say, i had a strange craving to take and edit outfit photos. in the past i've thought of my love for clothing as shallow, but fashion is an art form and i really dig it at times. does that mean you can maybe expect more posts like this? i'm not entirely sure, but it's probably likely.

i've really been enjoying exploring my style as of lately. i mean, a few months ago i wouldn't be caught dead wearing a skirt or dress *gasp* below the knee, but now its all i want to wear. a lot of my growth in terms of style definitely occurred when i moved schools two years ago. i remember back to such a dumb phase in my early teen years, when i'd be terrified to even wear a dress on a 'free-dress day' at school, for fear of standing out in the sea of jeans. this phase of thoughts really trapped me for a long time, and its completely liberating to now be able to wear pretty much whatever the heck i want, without any feelings of fear or potential judgement. hell yeah to freedom in the form of long skirts and pink everything.

i have to run - its sunday night, which means time to water my growing jungle of plants, before i head off to my boyfriend's house for a vegetarian indian feast (um, yum).

A xx

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  1. this post is so lovely, a blog post I'd love to see is like life tips/things I've learnt/how to do shit in you life and make a positive impact something like that ??!!! like I know no one is perfect but you are full of wisdom and ideas and inspiration and I feel I need some inspiration to get my life together !!!! and also more posts on crystals would be so damn cool xxxxxxxx

    1. thank you so much lovely!
      i'll have a think about a post along those lines, but i'm definitely not entirely qualified haha!
      i've been thinking about doing a whole post on crystals for a while, so hopefully that will happen in the future.
      lots of love and good vibes to you, xxx


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