Thursday, 1 December 2016


in the past couple of weeks, i haven't worn a bra in public on 6 different days, which is a total of 6 more days than in the last maybe 5 or 6 years. and guess what... despite what i perhaps thought may happen, i am still alive to tell that story. the lesson i have learnt is that the world will not end if someone sees my nipples. i know that this personal celebration for something that appears to be not that big a deal may seem silly and insignificant, but gosh darn i'm going to celebrate and talk about it anyway.

with the growing "free the nipple" trend in recent years, for the past few months i've become increasingly interested in trialling ditching a bra for a day. too scared to do this completely on my own volition, one day at school a few weeks ago a backless jumper i wore called for one of those gross sticky bras, which then quickly became unstuck. i briefly panicked, then literally said "fuck it" and freed those nips. as dumb as it maybe sounds, i instantly felt liberated. that feeling continued throughout the whole day. based on that feeling and how much more fricken comfortable not wearing a bra is, by this time my own volition, i have continued to repeat this action on multiple occasions.

i think sometimes the "free the nipple" trend can be seen as women trying to make a statement. and while, if that's the reason you want to do it and absolutely go right ahead, it wasn't for me. the few times so far i have gone braless in public have had nothing to do with making a statement, they have simply been due to the fact that personally i generally find bras super uncomfortable to wear. lets face it, most of the time wearing a bra is pretty uncomfortable, and with my limited boobs, for me they are also pretty unnecessary.

i wasn't gifted in the boob department in the way of size, and this has always been a huge insecurity for me. growing up with the bombardment of media and often sexualised images of women, from the moment i developed breasts, i was convinced that bigger was better. bigger was sexier and what the males i would develop crushes on would desire. this completely toxic (and false) mindset resulted in me hating my boobs from day one. i have never been one for massive push-up bras or anything, but i would not be caught dead without a bra at least semi-padded, even in my own home for a long time. it has only been within the last few months that i've grown to not hate my boobs. though i'd love to say that this was completely due to my own self, the majority of it was a result of boob love and support from my wonderful understanding boy. nevertheless, i can now totally say i love my little ones. not wearing a bra is also me learning to further love them in their natural state.

i think bras and the bra industry have completely warped our views surrounding what breasts are "supposed" to look like. when it comes to boobs, and bodies in general, there is no perfect or normal. yeah, without a bra, boobs usually tend to maybe hang slightly lower or be less even or round than they would in comparison to wearing a bra, but there is nothing "wrong" or gross or weird about this. from the beginning of time, breasts have been considered beautiful, based on their natural state and appearance. its only in recent decades that wearing a bra has given boobs the now "desired look". 

there is also the issue of female nipples being completely sexualised. if you weren't already aware, i have some news for you; males have nipples too. isn't it funny how we all have nipples, but one gender's are inherently sexualised. i completely understand that cultures and society has led us to view women's bodies as more physically attractive and sexual by nature, but i just find it kind of strange that no one ever complains about perhaps seeing a male nipple, but seeing a female nipple is usually inappropriate, uncommon or "unnatural". dude, nipples are cute as. i think that shit should be an accessory.

i'm not in the position of swearing off bras completely or anything, but if there's a top or dress that doesn't absolutely need a bra, chances are i probably might not wear one anymore.

so, free the nipple, or don't, i promise the world will not end either way.

A xx

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  1. i appreciate this so much. i also have quite small boobs and it has made me incredibly insecure about my body. lately, inspired by savannah brown, I've gotten really sick of it, so i've been choosing what to wear and when... and.. I'm not sure how to say this in a way that isn't creepy, but noticing when other women i admire also have small boobs and realizing that their bra size in no way hinders what i, and others, think of them. it's a process, and i appreciate hearing from another who deals with this! power to you, you're so killing it. ^.^

    1. i'm so super glad you appreciated this post! thank you for the lovely feedback :))
      i love savannah brown and totally understand the thing about other women too! i find small boobs so elegant now.
      hell yeah to you and the itty bitty titty committee xxxx

  2. Absolutely fantastic posting! Lots of useful information and inspiration, both of which we all need!Relay appreciate your work.


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