Saturday, 16 July 2016

on the road - new zealand photo diary

a few months ago my family and i headed across the ocean to the breathtaking country of new zealand. we spent the first week driving 1850km across the south island in a big ugly campervan which was a complete and utter dream. the scenery the entire time was mindblowingly beautiful. my occupation for the week was designated passenger-seat-photographer and shitty-navigator and i quickly fell head over heels in love with being on the road. when we weren't driving, our time was spent waking up to pink sunrises over the mountains, taking baths in lakes in the crisp morning air with the hazy glow of the sun peaking over the mountains, drinking from sweet streams of glacier water, and a whole lot of card games. we then spent a further week exploring the north island all the way up to our own little shack overlooking the ocean. i found so much joy in the simplified state of existence of being on the road. where wherever we parked for the night was home. campfires and laughter and no bars of reception.

A xx 


  1. You made my little country look fab! I need to do a south island road trip - It's my own country and I haven't
    I hope you loved being here
    love Harri x

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