Tuesday, 2 February 2016

dirt roads leading nowhere

Sportsgirl playsuit + hat, Dr Martens

today officially marks my last day of summer holidays before my last year of school. tomorrow will be my last first day back. so many lasts, i know, i'm struggling to wrap my head around it too. man what a good summer it was though. the long days and nights were filled with new and strengthened friendships, live music, swimming in oceans and rivers, long drives, partying, learning and growing, sunsets and sunrises, tears of sadness and of joy. all the emotions felt under the hot sun. the flowers in my room have wilted and i have a pile of read books, newly pierced ears, still wet and salty swimsuits, a slightly battered and patched up heart full of love and 4 disposable cameras to show for the past 2 months. looking forward with overwhelming both excitement and nerves upon this final year.

i have a growing list of left-to-the-last-minute things to still do tonight before tomorrow and my luscious leg hair is begging for some TLC shaving. enjoy these quickly snapped photos and bell-sleeves. talk to you real soon,

A xx

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