Thursday, 14 January 2016

nowhere to go but everywhere

{none of the above photos belong to me. all are by isabel sasse}

the other day i discovered isabel's blog (click here for the link!) and it has further ignited the already deep burning flame that is my desire to travel. the way in which she captures landscapes, architecture and portraiture in combination with her sprawled stories is beyond breathtaking. i'm in complete awe of the beauty of the world. just check it out, okay. 

i'm utterly addicted to the idea of adventuring to every corner of the planet. the fact that i could literally book a ticket somewhere with my savings sitting at my computer right now or drive off with a sleeping-bag in the back of my car is an overwhelming, intoxicating thought.

i've always had dreamer blood. a thirsty restless heart and feet made to roam. a deep-rooted passion for adventure-making and moment-capturing. i don't think there's anything in the world i love more than those moments of pure beauty that fill you with this indescribable tingle of magic.

i want to capture everything. all those moments, everything that makes me feel. nature, love stories, adventures, strangers' smiles, words, stories. i can't help but feel alive with the art in everything.

i don't belong in one place. i get restless, uninspired and drained of energy. i think i'm learning that the essence of my being craves movement. new places, people, adventures.

all i need is a backpack, a camera, a tent and my car or a plane ticket. right now everything else just sounds like unnecessary clutter and meaningless distractions.

A xx

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