Monday, 21 December 2015

dirty pretty things

the start of the reckless summer evenings. 

afternoons spent driving with no license to beaches and skateparks and abandoned hotels. catching our breath after laughing too hard and sprawling inky words in journals and on walls. swinging from rope off pontoons into crisp water bathed in the setting sun. goosebumps traveling along our arms, concrete grey deepening from the humid rain. we bruised and bloodied our knees and filled our heads with loud music and unspoken desires. lips chapped from the ocean and hearts content, we skated into the dark.

we were just a bunch of reckless kids, falling into warm nights, drunk with laughter, howling at the moon.

A xx

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  1. I love all the flying petals! And that last photo . . . so green! The outdoor colors are currently quite dull in my part of the world.


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