Sunday, 16 March 2014

Art School

wearing; All About Eve dress, Forever 21 sweater, Cotton On frilly socks, Dr Martens

This outfit makes me feel like I've gone back to primary school art class. We've got the primary colours of red and yellow, along with the shades of black and white (see I did learn something after all). This dress may just be the most comfortable thing in my wardrobe - oversized and incredibly soft. My mother brought me back this Forever 21 sweater when she visited the US last year and I immediately fell in love with the mustard colour. You can see it's a little bit scruffy now, but items of clothing with wear are often the best. My style is so all over the place right now, but this has been a staple outfit as of recently - I just love the simple yet artsy vibe.

Looking at these photos is so weird because I have long hair in them. Thursday night marked the first day of the new me, when I semi-by-accident cut all my hair off. At first I wasn't so sure about it, but I think it's slowly beginning to grow on me (get it? haha). It's a lot healthier now, and boy oh boy is washing and drying it a million times quicker and easier. It's going to be a wee bit awkward for a while, as I have like four outfit posts already shot in my drafts, all with long hair. Maybe being so ahead wasn't completely such a great idea. Here is a photo of how I'm actually looking :)

Hope you're all having a wicked good weekend, see you next week!


  1. I love this! Gorgeous ;)

  2. Oh I love the outfit ! And your hair looks really cute ! I can't wait to see it on outfit posts !
    Eb x

  3. Stunning! The mustard colour really suits you!

    Lucy x


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