Sunday, 24 August 2014


I am officially the worst blogger of all time. 2 months since I last posted. I have no explanation whatsoever, I guess I've just been busy (unsure as to what with) ??? I don't know whether I'm back for good either, probably not. Life's busy and messy and school is only going to get more time-consuming & draining as the year draws to an end.

These photos are from last weekend with my lovely friends Indi & Brigid. We went on a little adventure and somehow ended up in the river (bear in mind that Tasmania is in the midst of winter, so freezing temperatures made things interesting). We laughed as the sun went down and the world turned all sorts of beautiful. It's moments like those I want to live in forever.

I could do a whole life update but it's Sunday night and I still have a short story to write and maths test to study for. Plus my potato & sweet potato chips are about ready to come out of the oven (HEAVEN) and into my mouth, so I must go. Hope ya'll are well xxx

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Aloha Spirit

I'm still alive! I know some of you may have had your doubts the past month, but my total hiatus excuse is at least partially valid. I did have a two week spontaneous holiday to Byron Bay (which was, I may add, incredible). The other two weeks, well... One was spent with my head still entirely in holiday mode, while the past week was occupied by the suffering of Post-Holiday Blues (which I now officially declare a medical term). Byron Bay is pretty much my dream/the package deal - the ocean, mountains, trendy people, vegan cafes galore. I rekindled my extreme love for the ocean, which, looking back now, was probably a bad thing. I'm such a beach bum and beaches near where I live don't really deliver the goods quite to the desired extent.

I was wearing these shorts again the other day and found sand in the pocket of them. I can't escape. I picked up these high-waisted vintage beauties for 5 bucks at a market - total score!! Completing my new fave getup is the skull printed mens' tshirt, which completely rocks my world. Perfect oversized comfy fit, wicked design, PLUS it's made of 100% organic cotton manufactured entirely using renewable energy sources (wind and solar)! Hell yeah, environmentally friendly and cute clothes are the best.

I hope you groovy people have been having the best lives possible. Be sure to follow my instagram (@arainatasmin) to keep up with all my foodie and adventure snaps :) This weekend's adventure plans include a mountain climb - my absolute favourite !!! Catch ya later.

Thursday, 29 May 2014


Long time no see, but I promise I'm still alive. In fact, I'm more alive. This whole idea of being truly alive seems to be a frequent theme in my posts, but I truly do think it's of uttermost importance. Some of you may know that I spent a looong time feeling pretty damn shitty. I've done some things I'm not proud of and had plenty of mornings when I couldn't bear to leave my bed, BUT, I feel like I can finally say that is in the past. I'm *gasp* happy. Like real happiness. The kind of happiness that you can laugh and smile and feel all these hella good things so strongly and it's an amazing, amazing feeling. If any of you are struggling, please just hold on and believe me when I say it's so fucking worth it.

Phew. Rant over, sorry that was not planned. Moving on to a lighter subject, how pretty is this leaf-filled path ?? I feel like all my posts are just expressing my overwhelming love for nature. To skip through the golden archs of autumn, I found this dress hanging at the back of my closet still with the tags attached and all. Ah, one of the joys of life; finding clothes you didn't know existed. I just adore the quirky cut of it, I mean, take a look at the collar !!!

Extremely exciting things happening next week... Tuesday we're headed up to Byron Bay for a spontaneous holiday, with the next day being my 16th birthday (*cue balloons and vegan cake*). The length of the trip is still undecided, having only bought one-way tickets so far, so if you never hear from me again I've probably permanently moved to the sunny town. Not sure when my next post will be, but I'll be sure to take a bucket-load of photos. Be sure to follow my Instagram (@arainatasmin) to see all the amazing places and delicious food I'm about to experience.

Hope you all had a wicked week!