Sunday, 13 April 2014

Golden Child

wearing; Mika and Gala dress, Dr Martens

Feeling the whimsical forest fairy vibes 110% on this sunny Sunday afternoon. Wearing all shades of gold in hope that the cheery colour will get me through my last week of term. If that doesn’t help, I suppose I’ll just retire to my dark lair of a bedroom and watch countless episodes of Pretty Little Liars every night (this is becoming an unhealthy obsession which I am mildly ashamed of ok). Or I could instead cry a little/lot because I’m not at Coachella – I mean, have you seen the lineup? 

Today marks my one-week anniversary of being vegan and I’ve honestly never felt better. In fear of sounding totally hippy, I’ve never felt more in touch with my body. Plant-based nutrition is hella good. Have a wicked week!

Saturday, 5 April 2014


wearing; Cotton On denim jacket and Lily Sandals, Myer Miss Shop dress, Rivers shirt (worn underneath), Princess Highway socks

"You mean I have to stand on this thing?". Tried my hand (foot?) at skateboarding whilst shooting these photos. Fair to say I've got some serious practicing to do, but no injuries were attained, so I guess that's a positive. This outfit probably explains my current style to point - a mix of grunge/punk-rock vibes with some weird preppy/artsy additions. Distressed, acid-wash denim jackets are practically THE best thing ever (okay, apart from these cloud socks) and I wonder if I will ever take it off for long enough to wash it.

Two weeks of school remaining until freedom (well, for a couple weeks at least - but I'll take whatever I can get). Actually on top of assignments for once, which is a pretty wicked achievement considering how late I've left them all. My list of movies to watch and music to download has reached an all-time high, so we'll see how the internet usage for this month goes ;)

Sunday, 30 March 2014


wearing; All About Eve dress, Stray sweater, Dr Martens, Lovisa flower crown

You know you have your life together when your outfit unintentionally matches the setting. These are part one of the photos my babe Brigid and I took the other week. Our day was jam-packed of adventuring, tea-sipping and giggling galore. It was the first day that began to feel like winter, an excellent excuse to start pulling out all my mens' winter sweaters. I also ventured to the bottom of my floordrobe and found this cute-but-very-short dress (oh the struggles of being almost six-foot).

I had another adventure filled day yesterday, in all sense of the word. Got more of my hair chopped off (seems like this is becoming a serious addiction - it's so short my golly) and went to our local gorge with a couple of rad humans. Today is about to become not-so-fun, as I have the perilous task to fight all my natural procrastinating instincts and do a hella lot of homework. Wish me luck, and I hope ya'll have a wicked good week ahead of you.