Sunday, 7 February 2016

tea and flowers

just finished my first week of my last year of school. strange to think that my whole life of schooling has essentially been preparing me for the next 10ish months of study and that after that final exam in november i will be completely free to pursue anything my heart desires. i've got a good feeling about this year. i'm really interested in all my subjects and excited to learn, which is something i haven't really felt in a long time. not denying the fact that its going to be a hell of a lot of work, but i think i'm prepared for all the stress, tears, late nights and endless coffee. as prepared as i can be i suppose.

stay lean tea somehow knew how much of a complete tea addict i have become and were kind enough to send me their 14 day tea detox program. although at first i was suuuper sceptical about jumping on the "teatox" bandwagon, when i saw that the teas were all organic, natural and contained no laxatives (something i feel hella strongly about), i couldn't say no to trying it out. i can't offer a raving weight-loss testimonial, as i am not actively trying to lose weight, nor do i think i even own a scale anymore, BUT i can say that these teas taste so damn good and i hand-over-heart actually noticed a real difference in bloating, which was cool! other groovy claimed benefits include: metabolism and immune boosting, removing toxins from the digestive tract, enhanced nutrient absorption and increased energy levels. if any of you kids want to give it a try, i also have a sneaky lil discount code for you all. check out their website here and use botrc28 at the checkout to receive 10% of your total order :-)

love as always, 
A xxx

p.s. the Stay Lean tea was sent to me free of charge for review. all opinions are and will always be my own & 110% honest.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

dirt roads leading nowhere

Sportsgirl playsuit + hat, Dr Martens

today officially marks my last day of summer holidays before my last year of school. tomorrow will be my last first day back. so many lasts, i know, i'm struggling to wrap my head around it too. man what a good summer it was though. the long days and nights were filled with new and strengthened friendships, live music, swimming in oceans and rivers, long drives, partying, learning and growing, sunsets and sunrises, tears of sadness and of joy. all the emotions felt under the hot sun. the flowers in my room have wilted and i have a pile of read books, newly pierced ears, still wet and salty swimsuits, a slightly battered and patched up heart full of love and 4 disposable cameras to show for the past 2 months. looking forward with overwhelming both excitement and nerves upon this final year.

i have a growing list of left-to-the-last-minute things to still do tonight before tomorrow and my luscious leg hair is begging for some TLC shaving. enjoy these quickly snapped photos and bell-sleeves. talk to you real soon,

A xx

Saturday, 23 January 2016

cool blue

there's so much god damn beauty in completely deserted beaches on overcast, moody days. running into the powerful crashing waves and floating with them like the breath of the ocean. kissed by the salty current, never having felt so calm yet invigorated. "i feel so fucking alive" we both yelled. this day was magical. my heart belongs to the ocean and it's embrace.

A xx

Thursday, 21 January 2016

roll up your sleeves

my gosh its been a very long while since you've seen a post of this variety from me hey. i had a (solid year and a half) moment of insecurity in taking outfit photos and posting photos of myself here. recently realised how incredibly stupid that was/is, because simply, i enjoy it, so why the heck not do it?! fashion has always been something i've thought to be pretty dang cool, so here's to not caring about my perceived judgement from others. if this is something i continue to dabble in, i promise posing and photos will increase in quality/creativeness/interest and decrease in feelings of awkwardness. as of late my style has been this weird combination of skater/boyish-influences mixed with really feminine hints?? i don't know, i'm digging it though. and hats, always hats.

life update?? my work closed down so i'm job-less and hence had to actually make a resume and start searching for a new job (still in the process, but fingers crossed), i went for and passed my L2's yesterday, um i went to the bank and got one of those fancy tappable cards (lol) and set up a separate savings account with a savings goal (god my life is boring), i start my last year of school in 2 weeks, bought a way-over-priced planner and have subsequently become the most organised person ever, also became a flower person and decided regularly buying myself flowers was something that needed to be implemented into my life priorities checklist. that list kinda seems to say otherwise, but life feels really busy. busy but good. i'm still slightly terrified of everything... crippling anxiety what's up :-)))) but regardless of feeling panicky and yucky in the process, i'm actually getting all the shit that terrifies me done, so eff yeah me. it feels really good.

also! i have exciting collaborations coming up very soon here on da blog! watch this space.

p.s. yes the title is a reference to meg mac's song. so good. sing it at the top of your lungs and feel like everything is really going to be alright. so so good.

catch ya soon honeys. much love.

A xx